191 Licking pizza

Sixty-Nine ages up to adult.


Carol: I´ve got handcuffs now. I think, I will invite Rian over.

Conall: … this is some tasty food.

Daphne reaches her lifetime wish.

Brown horse: Just thinking about myself.

Black-white horse: Move! I need to catch my train!

Brown horse: No! You can´t pass!

Black-white horse: You will be a ghost soon.

More investigation work.


Hi, Catherine!

It´s a costume party. Carol was wearing this hideous mask, so I changed her outfit.

It´s less dancing and more foot stomping.

Carol tests the handcuffs . (Rian is in the criminal career. I really need to move him in.)

Bryony ages up. I had hoped it would un-glitch her, bit it didn´t.


She still can do stuff.

It´s also Thanatos birthday.


And a full moons night.

Sixty-nine: … this is really disgusting. Why are you licking the pizza?

Carol: *growl*

My sims know how to have fun.

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