138 Cap eats cake


It´s Ingrid´s birthday! Kisa has finally aged up to elder.


Not bad for a self chosen outfit.

After the cheering Miles and Gabby realize, that Conall has changed into a werewolf.

Conall: Boo.

Isolde: Those two are pathetic.

You may be right about that.

Gary Shue: You look like a clown.

Conall: Oh… yeah? Well, this clown has cake and you don´t!

Well, this is terrifiying.

Ingrid: So, now that I´m all grown up, do you have any idea, what we could do?

Kosta: Weeell…

They are interrupted by a moon-mad Kisa, who slaps Kosta for no reason at all. Ingrid is near collapsing anyway, so no fun for you, today.

Ingrid: I´m totally awake.

You are in the red. Go to sleep.

Meanwhile on the graveyard, Benito is enjoying some tea.

Benito: We didn´t have that, when I was alive.

Yes, I bought it after your death. Have fun!

Ingrid has to attend gradution with the whole family, as usual.

Storm: Can you move?

Ingrid: No. Routing issues.

This is why I don´t allow my sims strollers.

Luna: Wheeeee!

Diploma tossing.

Everyone is hungry, but Luna screams the loudest.

Storm: Make her stop!

Just take her home and feed her.

Conall, where did you get that doll? And please change back to your human form.

Conall: No.

He´s so cute.

He goes to school in human form, at least.

That´s Rowan´s son Olaf. In the background the Shue kids.

Luna can walk on her own now.

It´s another birthday.

Sebastian ages up to elder. Time flies.

Sebastian: I´m cool with it.

Conall plays video games with Carlotta Shue and Jake Preston.

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