139 Picnic with ants

Ingrid´s lifetime wish is to become a magician, so let´s start with this.

Ah, it will get better.

Someone abandoned a picnic. The ants eat the rest.

Liam wanted to give Luna a ride on the spring ride.

There are bubbles!

This is so cute.

More cute Luna.

And another birthday! Scott ages up to elder.

You look very distinguished.

Scott: Ah, thank you!

Why are you looking like that, Miles?

Miles: Cake!

Vampires don´t eat cake.

Miles: Who told you that nonsense? Birthday cake is for everyone!

Ah, okay.

Mortimer is out that night.

Luna is not the only cute one.

Speaking of toddlers. Why am I showing this one?

Huh, Crystal? Do you have something to say?

Crystal: Sorry, busy!

Crystal: I won! Sorry, gotta go!

So, I moved Crystal out some time ago, into the household of Benito Bräutigam, her husband. They lived happily ever after, together with Benito´s father, Tobie, until Benito died of old age. Crystal, being a djinn, is still an adult. She then began a relationship with her father in law, who was mysteriously still alive. So, this little boy is Storm´s half-brother, as well as Luna´s uncle. His name is Jan. Yay. Thank´s Crystal.

Ingrid: I eat to that.

You´re not helping.

Conall meets a classmate at the park and buys some cake.

It´s getting dark. Time to go home.

Nathan is busy tonight.

Nathan: Places to go! Things to do!

I follow him. Marina is on her way to somewhere, too.

He vanishes in front of this house. Don´t know, what this was about.

Storm gets into bot-building. Perhaps we can have a bot sometime?

Last moments with Luna as a toddler.


She rolls No sense of humour.

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