154 Chess and unicorns

I bought that  bathing tub for babies and toddlers, so let´s try that.

Not bad, even if Henry insists on wearing a cap.

Jan meets a unicorn on his way back from hunting ghosts.

It really seems to appreciate the gifts.


Jan is good with animals.

He seems to have told Conall about it.

Conall: So, you met a unicorn?

Jan: Yeah, I had to jog quite a long way to where it was.

Conall: Ok, you won´t like this…

Conall: Checkmate, lover!


Sadly, I didn´t catch it, but he wiped the chess pieces from the board to the ground!

Jan: *Silently swearing*

Conall: Ok, what just happened?

Conall: Well, I guess that ends our chess game.

Jan: You bet!

Ingrid has a show.


I send Kosta to watch. No clue, why he showed up in his pyjamas.

Andromeda visits Bianca Shue-Riverhawk after school. Everyone in that family seems to be in the military.

Andromeda makes up her own amusement.

GAH! Conall! Your baby!

Conall: Mmmmmh?

It´s a monster!

Conall: Whatever are you talking about?

… I think, it´s time for his birthday, anyway.



Seems like Miles turned into an elder (again). Time flies.

Henry rolls ambitious. He looks a lot like Conall, but he doesn´t have his nose.

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