155 No to faceclones

Celia, Andromeda and Henry discuss the uses of band-aids over breakfast.

Kosta and Ingrid have a duel on the front lawn. In their sleepwear. Why not.

Don´t know, who won.

Random pretty landscape.

Celia ages up to a teenager. She rolls social butterfly. Never had that before!

That´s a proud dad in the backround. I got rid of the hat, though.

And Andromeda ages up, too.

Jan: Didn´t we just have a birthday?

Yeah, well…

Aand that´s a faceclone, right there.

Not anymore! Thanks to mastercontroler. I didn´t realize until much later, that she lost her green eyes in the process.

She rolls natural cook.

Randolph broke the tab. Thank you.

Hi, Milli! Is that maternity wear?

(It is. She and Guadelupe had a little boy, Eric.)

Marina is there as well.

Luna reaches her lifetime wish of becoming a forensic specialist – Dynamic DNA profiler.

Jan´s banshee banisher got an upgrade.

Being a ghosthunter really makes your sim look cool!


Conall really likes Jan in his outfit.


Celia gets stuck in the schoolbus for a minute.

Celia: This is really inconvinient.

I really want to go to that spa.


Luna trains Moritz in ballet.

Luna: Up with that leg! Up, I say!

Moritz: I´m trying!

Kosta and Celia are very close.

These kids really have to stop blowing themselves up.

This is little Eric, Milli´s son.


Andromeda rolls her lifetime wish of superstar athlet out of the blue (non of her traits fit), so she starts training. It´s hard.


But she´s determined!

Two teenagers in the house means pranks.

Jan takes it pretty hard.

Jan: My hair!



Jan: They will pay!

Just take another shower.

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