152 Blowing up the chemistry table

Jan feels sick.

This time it´s a double birthday.

First Celia.

She rolls loves the heat.

ELIZA is playing the piano. I don´t think, her hands are made for that.


And now Andromeda.

Good girl. She rolls animal lover.

Jan gets his notice.

ELIZA is still there, now she plays the harp thing from the future.

They both wanted to read a pregnancy book.

Hi, Sebastian!

Celia is very into sports. Don´t know why, she´s not athletic.

What´s this sudden obsession with musial instruments? Where did you even get that??

ELIZA: Found it in my pocket.

Of course.

And stealing energy again. She goes home after that.

Kosta playing with magic. I always forget, that he´s a witch. Celia is, too, by the way.

She blew herself up at the chemistry table and didn´t bother to shower.

Hi, Randolph and Connie!

Celia wakes up early enough, to tell Connie about her accident at the chemistry table.

Kosta and Ingrid being cute.


Jan: Ugh, that hurts. What´s happening?


Celia: *incoherent screaming*

Jan: Child. Go, take a shower.

Jan: But seriously, did I eat something wrong?

No, you are giving birth.

Jan: WHAT??

I thought, you knew. It´s not that bad, though…


Jan: Oh, that was worth it, I guess.

Little Henry rolls neurotic and heavy sleeper.

I wanted Conall to greet his son, but he´s otherwise occupied.

It´s a beautiful night.

Conall shows the strongest reaction to an abduction so far. He seems seriously ill.

Conall: You don´t want to know, what that old fart did to me.

Poor guy.

Conall: I will maul him, when I feel better.

Yes, go totally werewolf on him.

Then he finally could hold his child.

Conall: He´s so cute!

Good thing, you´re a werewolf, so there´s no chance of alien siblings.

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