151 Moar birthdays and a wedding

Ingrid ages up into an elder.

Can we speak about the hair?

Ingrid: I kind of like it.


ELIZA is driving me totally bonkers, I don´t even really know, why. Storm installs the sentience trait chip (which causes Emit´s hologram to appear), then they move out. I need space for another baby.

The magician gnome chose an interesting spot. Maybe he wanted a stage.

Cathy and Isolde are still cute.

Miles is still grumpy. I hope, Milli doesn´t follow her mum´s career in the fairy drug Mob.

Conall ages up to adult.

Conall: Can I stay like this?


Conall: Okay, but why do I have to totally dress up?

Because you are getting married now.

Conall: Oh. Okay, then.

I changed Miles´ outfit.

Jan: I´m so nervous.

Conall: We´re just getting married. Calm down.

Jan: But I´m so excited!

*punches Conall in the nether regions*

Conall: Ouch!

Conall: Whatever did you do that for?!

Jan: … sorry.

It went smoothly after that.





Jan: So after the cake we can have our wedding night?

Conall: You think anything is working, after you punched me like that?

Jan: … what?

Conall was joking, of course. They got rid of their wedding suits right away.

(I don´t know, where Conall got that nail polish from. I gave Jan the black one, but non to Conall. Perhaps he just wanted to be glittery. We won´t tell him that it clashes with his hair).

Storm and ELIZA stay to play some catch.

Miles plays in the sprinklers then spends the night on the computer.

Okay, that´s kinda rude. Please go now.

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