150 Some birthdays and a wedding

It´s chapter 150! Yay!

Jan ages up on the job.

Jan: Still not bad, huh?

Yeah, but we´ll have to change that hair.

Funnily enough, he´s at Milli´s and Guadelupe´s home.

They got married recently (and got an incontinent puppy).

Jan: I think, I shall take my leave.

Yes, there´s some panic at home anyway.


Little Andromeda rolls loner and absent-minded.

And it´s time for Celia´s birthday.

Aw, she has her Dad´s hair and ears!

Let´s age up Andromeda, too, while we are at it.

That´s her Mom´s hair and her Dad´s ears. Nice.

Mortimer begins a statue. I let it stand there for ages, but he never finished it.

Reading together.

This is a cute glitch. It´s actually Kosta teaching Andromeda to talk, but the game got confused about her position.

Now it looks, as if she´s sitting in his lap, which is totally adorable.


Moritz asks Luna again to marry him.

She says yes this time!


And Storm ages up to elder.

She instantly developes a love for the rocking chair.

But she doesn´t stay there very long. Storm is a busy sim.

Miles looking fabulous.

Miles: What am I doing here?

It´s a wedding.

He bonds with his daughter Catherine about plasma-juice.

Celia and Andromeda being cute.

I don´t know, what is up with Rowan. He should be Kisa´s age, who is long gone. I think, I placed a wrong copy of him in Hidden Springs, but it doesn´t really matter anyway. Just kind of funny.

Storm provides drinks.

This doesn´t look so good.

Moritz: I just said, she´s perhaps a bit underdressed.

Luna: I want to be comfy at my own wedding. Are you marrying me, or some clothes?

I designed such a nice wedding dress for you. Insane sims.

The crisis was averted, it seems.



Luna: The cake is all mine!


Luna: Okay, but I want a big slice.

Rowan does all the dishes. He really is a nice sim to have around.

Storm boasts about her granddaughter´s hidden trait: Immune to fire.

Catherine stays a bit longer.

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