149 Plumbot

Storm made a plumbot! This is ELIZA. Because Storm has already mastered bot-building, she´s a top quality bot (future tech) and has already 7 trait-chip slots.

For now, she has Competent Cleaner, HandiBot, RoboNanny, Solar Powered and Limitless Learning.

Meaning, she is a steel maid.

The reflection on her head has rooms without furniture. Spooky.

Paul randomly scaring his wife. Cheer up, Violetta, the next generation is due.

Someone isn´t feeling that well.


All better now.

Moritz has his adult birthday.

Moritz: How do I look?

Luna: Still hot!

ELIZA has some skilling to do.

Later she goes to the park for some socializing. And roller skating. Without actual roller skates. And tripping.

Sweetie, you don´t have feet. How can you trip?

ELIZA: Can´t escape the programming.

Conall and Jan being cute.

Moritz asks Storm for Luna´s hand in marriage. For some reason they hide behind the house.


Storm gives her blessing.


Would have been a bit awkward, if she didn´t.

Luna still feels sick after getting her notification.

Luna: It happens!

Yes, in real life, but seldom in the sims.

Ready to become a dad, Kosta?

Kosta: What, already??

Have you been shopping together?

Luna: Who cares?? Labour!

Ingrid: What, who?

Ingrid: OW!

Luna: Well, I´ve done my part.

Ingrid: I´m getting a baby and you are just sitting there?

Luna: Well, I´m pregnat myself, aren´t I? Have to relax and stuff.

So here we have little Celia.

She rolls good and heavy sleeper.

Storm: She´s so cute!

Jan enjoys ghost busting.

And it´s Kosta´s birthday. Sorry, no party.

Kosta: That´s quite alright.

He´s such a mellow sim.

Everyone loves Celia.




I think, we need another one.

Luna: I´m working on it.

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