148 Bachelor party

Last time we had a lot of romance in China. No reason to stop with it back in Hidden Springs.

Milli: I´m outta here.

Conall and Jan wanted to do some karaoke.

They are not very good, but they are having fun.

Conall, we have guests, please stop the floating.

Gabby and Miles seem to be still madly in love.

This is a very pretty werewolf. I wrote down her name somewhere. Have to look it up when I´m back in game, she´s still around.

It´s Milli´s birthday.

Milli: You can stop now.

Storm: *tooooooooooooooot*

Milli rolls brave.

And now I have to perform some plastic surgery. That´s her teeth clipping through her cheeks.

Her jaw is too small.

That´s better. There´s still some teeth showing in this picture, but it was gone in the next frame.

I could have done more, but then she wouldn´t have looked like herself anymore.

Rowan and Milli bond over their shared trait, brave. Good sims to have around in case of a fire.

The next day there´s graduation.

Miles walks his dog again.

Kisa died. I placed her gravestone between her husbands, Liang and Teodor.

Moritz writes his latest book.

And done!

And lifetime wish achieved!

Some more points for finishing the book.

As an avant-garde sim, Milli has to critize every „art“ she encounters.

Jan wanted to become a ghost hunter. His lifetime wish isn´t bound to a job, so why not? Except, that it´s glitchy. But fun.

He also wants a bachelor pary. Conall, did you loose a bet?

Conall: I don´t want to talk about it.

Jan: *giggles*


On the left is Milli´s romantic interest from prom, Guadelupe Earthsong.

The dancers, as usual, choose the most inappropriate room for their show.

I like, that the game adapts to the sexual orientation of the sim. Jan seems to be having fun.

Jan: Nice butt!

Ingrid appreciates it, too.

In fact, nearly everyone does.

Guadelupe seems to be a nice guy. Milli asks him to be her boyfriend.

Ingrid does a speach for Jan. I think, it was embarassing.

I don´t know, what Marina is doing, but judging by Rowan´s reaction, she´s dealing with some fairy drugs.

Ingrid: I want a baby.

Kosta: What, now?

Ingrid: Yes. Get going!

Kosta: Just a sec…

She collapses a moment later, so no babies today.

Some others had fun, though. It´s a raging party!

Nearly everyone seems to be drunk.

Or it´s the fairy drugs.


Some of the guests stay until morning. Seems like a successfull party.

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