147 Romance in China

Conall as a werewolf still has no table manners.

But he likes to take bubble baths.

Conall: Please go away.


Milli did something. Don´t know, what.

Wait for it…

Tadaa! Lifetime wish achieved!

Isolde seems to be in a hurry.

Kosta completed his lifetime wish some time ago. He´s now a mad scientist.

Nothing much going on here right now…

So let´s travel to China!

Moritz: Wow, a whole new country! Let´s play computer games!

Milli: I brought Dan.

I already told your grandmother that I did not want the dragons in China.

I have three couples to marry. Let´s start with the first one.

This skirt is not made for kneeling.

But who cares.

Those two are practically married anyway, so they have a nice little private ceromony.



Ok, you can run off now, to do whatever you want.

Next one!




She turns him down! Damn insane sims! I should have made her do the asking. Now I have to wait, until the moodlet expires.

Back at the camp, Milli plays hacky sack with Jan.

I send him to see Conall, so she goes dancing instead.

That face really is a bit weird.

Milli: What´s with my face?

Nevermind, you´re cute.

Conall is sparring with someone.


He wins! He should, he has a higher rank, but you never know.

Beautiful china.

Conall and Jan aren´t even officially a couple yet, but they are eager to change that.



Perhaps a bit fast, but I lost patience.

Conall nearly drops the ring. I always forget, that he is clumsy.

Jan, as a sensible person, says yes. Looking at you, Luna!



More beautiful China.






It was a long day.

Milli does a bit of exploring the next day.

She finds… something, then she gets hungry. It´s just for fun anyway, so she goes back up.

Conall was nearby and a bit stinky. I clicked on his moodlet, expecting him to wash his hands, but instead he decided to take a dip in the well.

Conall: I feel a bit drenched.

That´s entirely your fault.

As he is already down there, he does a bit of looting.

Then it´s already time to return home.

It´s a sims pile! Ingrid is the most sensible one.

Luna gets left behind.

But she has a car in her pocket.

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