146 A lot of death

Milli ages up to a teenager.

She rolls photographer´s eye.

Kisa: My, she looks just like her dad!

Yeah, she does.

Poor girl has a really flat face.

Jake Preston really does not make pretty kids.

Jake: Hey!

Just saying.

Kisa then adds to Conall´s growing collection of gems.


Luna has a close encounter with Randolph.

Miles and Gabby´s house is up the street. They sometimes walk by with their dogs.

Miles seems to like his spacesuit. Perhaps it´s comfy.

Catherine visits out of the blue. I don´t know, why I gave her that outfit.

Why are you her, Cathy?

Catherine: I just wanted to play the drums.


Jan most certainly got his grandma´s haircolour.

She stays for a while, chatting.

Lots of redheads around. I´m curious for their kids.

Speaking of. It´s really time for the next generation, but I had the tiny problem of my elders living way past their lifespan of 128 days, not just in the active household, but all over town. With the EA programming, a sim has a certain chance to die each day, after they reach the end of their lifespan. Depending on the setting, it´s a really low number, and it doesn´t accumulate. So I downloaded a mod from modthesims, to increase the chance of dying to 33 % per day.

Scott is the first to go.



He seems to be ok with it.


Xena is next.


She most definitly is not ok with it, but as usual, Grim can´t be persuaded.


I made sure, they spend a lot of time together.

Sebastian is last.


Grim got routing issues, so I don´t know, what Sebastian´s reaction was.

Sorry, Storm. As a djinn, she has double the lifespan of a normal sim, so she will be around for quite a bit.

Some soothing landscape after all the drama.

Goodbye, Scott!

Goodbye, Sebastian!

Goodbye, Xena!

Love you all!

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