145 Working on lifetime wishes

Milli has the men of the family wrapped around her little finger.

Everyone wants to care for her.

For some reason Moritz and Luna graduate at home.


They still go to city hall, though.

Building logic can be fun!

Random beautiful landscape.

Milli decides to sleep in the fairy house.

Her grandma Kisa is still around.

Sebastian and Storm being cute.

And it´s time for Milli´s birthday!

She rolls avant garde. Never had that before.

She has none of her mom´s colouring, which is a bit disappointing.

But she´s still cute.

Gabby and Miles stay a bit longer.

It´s also Ingrid´s birthday.

She has a private party.

Sebastian tries to read Milli to sleep.

It doesn´t work.

Milli: I´m sooo tired! Read another one!

Sebastian: Help. Please.


Conall has returned to his old weight. I like him better this way.

Everyone is working hard on their lifetime wish.

We have a police car now!

Which I seem to have misplaced in the meantime. Mmh.



A bit relaxation is in order.

Talking to mom.

Also talking to mom.

Anyone tired of landscape pictures?

Because I´m not.



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