144 Surprise toddler

Luna ages up to adult. She rolls insane. Her lifetime wish is to become a forensic specialist: dynamic DNA profiler.

And of course, it´s Moritz´s birthday, too.

He rolls ambitious. His lifetime wish is professional author.

Here we have adult Luna.

And here we have toddler Milli.

Ok, who´s Milli?

So, I got the notice, that Marina gave birth to a baby girl. I sent Ingrid to investigate. The baby daddy is Jake Preston, who was at Marina´s house at that moment, even if he doesn´t live there. They are not even romantic interests, and he´s engaged to another woman (Emmaline Rhoen). It´s just a fling, I guess?

I kind of don´t like him, and they left the toddler in the snow to wohoo.

So I kidnapped her. Milli is good and friendly and a total cutey pie.

Conall has to brake up with Dany Shue.

Dany is not happy.

Neither is Conall.

In hindsight, I regret this – because at this point I threw my own rules out of the window and mixed the lineage.

Everyone loves Milli.




She´s so cute.



Conall´s lifetime wish is not bound to a job and he wants to become an author. So unlike Moritz, he writes just for fun.

Random picture of beautiful landscape.

It´s Jan´s birthday. Dany is invited and tells everyone, how Conall broke his heart. I´m sorry, ok?!


He rolls childish. His lifetime wish is perfect mind, perfect body.

Rowan´s son Olaf is evil. He steals Milli´s candy!

Marina thinks, it was a great party. She didn´t try to interact with her daughter once.

Kosta also think, it was a great party, but that´s probably because he got some.

Crystal stays a bit longer.

There may be some flirting going on. Sure, go ahead.

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