130 A tale of wohoo

I don´t know, why I took this picture. Did you reach the top of your career?

Storm: You should know that. I feel neglected.

Sorry. Uhm. That outfit really suits you.

Storm: Too little too late.

Kosta feels rebellious and wants to egg a house.

He promptly gets chewed out by Mortimer. I make Mort forgive him, so he can go to school.

Ingrid: Well done, boyfriend!

Kosta: Uh, thanks?

They are both good kids.

So, I set wohooer to autonomous wohoo every 12 sim hours. I have three couples and three double beds.

Sometimes they collide.

Scott and Xena are the lucky ones.

Sebastian: They are totally in the way!

And you may totally want to give them some privacy? Maybe?

Storm and Sebastian decide to use this bed. So do Mortimer and Liam.

Well, Sebastian is a bit tired, so he takes a nap instead.

Mortimer: Wait, what?

Storm: Hehe, wohoo!


Mortimer: I actually don´t believe this.

Liam: Let´s take the other bed?

Mortimer: I guess.

Mortimer: Because Sebastian is in the way!

Liam: Get over it.

Storm: *punches the wall in frustration*

Liam: I´m kinda tired. I think I´ll sit down a bit.

Mortimer: Wait, I thought we would use the other bed.

Storm: No, I want to use the other bed.

Liam: Well, I´m here. Now what?

Mortimer: Don´t rush me, I´m an old man.

Liam: Nah, I think I´m hungry now.

Mortimer: Get your behind in this bed!

Liam: Why, what do you want to do to me?

Mortimer: I´ll show you!

Meanwhile, Storm is still waiting for Sebastian to wake up.

Storm: We will have so much fun in that bed!


Sebastian: I´m awake. Gonna eat something now.

Storm: You can´t be serious!

So what can a frustrated sim woman do now? Go to sleep and dream of cats!

All sim actions where autonomous. I just watched and laughed.

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