179 Aging up and down

Luke and Celia are flirting in the garden. Must be a party.

The twins are aging up!

Laurel first. She rolls loves the heat.

Now Daphne!

She rolls excitable.

Eric: I´m not sure about the hair. And the shirt.

Conall: Will you change that, please.


I gave them the same hair for their formal outfit.


Hi there, Franklin!

She does look a bit creepy. But cute.

I love it, when werewolves do „the claw“.



Laurel brings this guy home from school. I forgot his name, but they get along very well.



Isolde throws a party. I send Conall, to check out the house. Isolde, Catherine, Miles, Gabby, Erica and Henry live here.

Of course everyone gathers around irresistable Miles.

It´s a big house. Enough room for everyone.

Henry is an elder now. This is really weird.


Miles and Gabby, the cutest vampire couple ever.


I decided to let Conall throw a youth fountain potion at Dany. He reset. What´s wrong with this potion?

Back again. Dany hasn´t moved. Probably shocked.

But not for long.

Conall seems delighted.


While the two are canoodling, I age down Dany´s husband Marco with mastercontroler to avoid more resetting. They are also now both pregnant with each others child. (I think, I´m a bit bored).

Bryony goes to the consignment store for some reason. In front of it, Rudi is playing ball with his wife. Have some random pictures.



Bryony ran off while I wasn´t looking and started playing in the water.

Now I want to go on holiday.

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