158 Invisible performer

Shaoran likes to meditate even in death.

Speaking of death, I added Storm back to the family, because she will die soon. She seems to be having fun, though.

Storm: No time like the present.

Celia starts her career and performs for tips.


There´s also graduation.


Jan and Conall have some fun in the hot tub.


What were you doing while I wasn´t looking?

Conall: Totally none of your business.

Jan: Also, that would be telling.

Storm doesn´t seem to be very fragile.

Conall and Jan are stir crazy, so they go on a date to watch some invisible performer.

Jan: It´s so good!

Conall: Really awesome!

Guys, there´s no one there. At least, no one that I can see.

Jan: She´s kind of right.

Conall: Let´s make our own entertainment.


Jan: Nice transformation.

Conall: Thanks.

They spent the rest of the show smooching.


Back at home, Conall reads Eric a night time story.

It even works.

The next day, Conall is human again and plays with the chicks.

Afterwards, he helps Jan to fulfil his LTW.

Jan: Last night was wild. Let´s do that again.

Conall: Alright.

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