159 Defiling beds

Why are random relatives smooching in my house? Must be a party!

Still into each other. That makes me happy.

Gabby: Now let´s defile their bed!

Miles: Yeah!


We invited Luke, so Celia can make their relationship official.

First kiss…


… and asking to go steady.

It´s a good thing, that sims are all about gender equality.

Celia: No problem at all.

Luke seems to be really happy.

Let´s defile some more beds.

Afterwards Celia has to rush off to a show I forgot about.

She´s getting better.

The real reason for the party is Jan´s birthday.


Jan: Eh, not bad.

I will miss that glorious hair.

The next day Storm dies.


She´s not happy about it.

But the Grim Reaper doesn´t make exceptions, as usual.

Henry remembers, that he´s a  coward.

Life goes on. Celia performs for tips.

I really like this costume.

Old age is no reason to stop having fun.

Conall: You still rock the eyeliner, you know that?

Jan: He, thank you!

Conall will outlive Jan, but they still have some time.

Next birthday. Eric turns into a teenager.

He rolls dog person. I give him an appropriate shirt.

There´s a lively discussion while eating the cake, but I have no clue, what they are talking about.

The llama mascot shows up, but he kind of forgot his costume.

Goodbye Storm. I had a lot of fun with you!

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