160 Ghost gnome

It´s spooky day and we have a little party. Nothing much happens.

Marina looks lovely as a mermaid, but I´m not sure about the boots.

Marina: At least my feet are warm.

Because my game is a bit confused since I disabled full moon (because it can bork werewolves), it is also prom for the boys. None of them got a romantic interest, which is good.

Some random pictures, because pretty.





It´s also Henry´s birthday.

He rolls loser. So he´s a neurotic, heavy sleeping, ambitous, cowardly loser. Poor guy. His lifetime wish is alchemy artisan, he has to reach level 10 in alchemy and use 50 potions.

Looking good.

It´s graduation day. Celia still gets the moodlet from sleeping with a teddy bear, despite being not childish. Probably glitched, but it´s kinda cute.


More pretty pictures.


Someone found a ghost gnome in the claw machine. So now there are ghosts from all over the town visiting.


It´s pretty hard on Henry.

Henry: This is really embarassing! I can´t keep fainting like that!

Well, you are a coward…

Henry: True. Ooooh, what if there are more of them?

There are.

Henry: I just pretend, nothing happened.

Randolph stays for a while.

Andromeda invited Franklin to ask him to be her boyfriend.

Uhm, Conall, do you mind?…

Conall: Aww, but they are so cute.

Conall: It´s like a sitcom.

(He kept staring at them and nodding approvingly the whole time. It was hilarious.)

They celebrate in the tree house.


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