175 Don´t wanna leave the spring ride

Thanatos plays the piano.

Julius: How… how? Children are not able to do that in the Sims 3.

Thanatos: It´s a mod.

It´s a good one. „Children can„.

The girls are a good combination of their parents. Laurel has a lighter skin, the eyes of her dad and her mom´s hair.

Daphne has Erica´s skintone, her eyes and Henry´s hair.

Hi, Andromeda!

Conal wanted to visit the town. A lot of people show up.

Adriana Busch-Espinoza is due to age up in a few days. I think, her genetics are awesome, but she has no kids. Well, now she will have one. I completly forgot, who´s the dad, though.

Erica gets abducted.


This always amuses me.


Erica is not amused.

Eric and Julius being cute.

Laurel being grumpy.

Henry lets her ride on the spring ride.

Henry: It´s time to go inside.

Laurel: No.

Henry: Aw, you´re so cute. Let´s go now.

Laurel: No.

Henry: No?

Laurel: Don´t wanna.

Henry: Come here, kiddo.

Laurel: *pout*

She forgets about it a second later. That was so fricking cute.

Later she plays in a puddle.


Daphne? Yeah, there´s also Daphne. Sorry.

Yep, it worked.

It´s Daphne´s and Laurel´s birthday.

Yes, you´re also cute.


First Laurel.


She rolls genius.

And now Daphne.

She´s now a technophobe.

Daphne: The TV scares me.

Poor child.

Adrienne will be a good mum.

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