176 Snowboarding

The kids wanted to go to the winter festival. Daphne really likes the snowboarding.


She´s quite good!


Daphne: Ouch.

But that does not stop her.


Laurel prefers the ice skating ring.

Thanatos returns home early and encounters a jumping igloo.

Thanatos: That´s such an awesome igloo!

Thanatos: It must be magical!

Thanatos: Or maybe it´s the yeti?

It´s neither-nor, but we won´t tell him.

Julius and Eric are obsessed with watching the stars.

They don´t let some snow stop them.

It is quite romantic.

Bryony wants to go fishing.


Ok, snow in Sunlit Tides does look a bit weird.

All of the children wanted to sign up for after-school activities. They promptly did their homework at the school grounds after that. Such good kids!

Daphne arrived a bit later, but the others wait for her.


Hi, Isolde! Will you come to the party?

Isolde: We´ll see.

Isolde tends to leave a party right after arriving. Don´t know, why.

It´s snowflake day!

There´s a mistletoe.



I don´t know, what happened, but it looks painfull.

Eric: Help.

He sorts himself out alright.

Celia is an elder now.

As is Andromeda.

Miles highly approves of his daughters marriage.

Looks nice.

Dany and Conall normally jump into bed as soon as Dany arrives to a party, but Conall was tending the bar this time, so Dany chose his husband instead.

Conall: I´m a bit disappointed.

The pary is not over yet.

Said husband is now standing in the snow in his underwear with Miles.

What´s going on here?

Miles: We´re talking about nail polish.


Oh. Yeah. That CC nail polish is great, but for some reason it tends to attach itself to everyones outerwear.

Andromeda: That was such a great party.

Um. Thanks?

The girls open the last presents.

Laurel is still a cutie pie.

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