177 Conall needs another child

Conall: I like breaking boards.

He does. He does nothing else, if you leave him alone for a second.

But we have other things to do right now.

I decided, Conall needs to have a baby with Dany. They seem to be totally on board with that.

On his way out Conall meets Marco.

Conall: Should I tell him, that I just got knocked up by his husband?

He might take offense. On the other hand, no, he won´t, because I disabled jealousy. I love Nraas mods.

Conall: I feel sick.

Conall: I seriously feel sick.

Conall: That´s all your fault!

Indeed, it is.

Conall gets his notice while cooking, but manages to not burn the house down.

Conall: Well, it´s not so bad.

For some reason, Eric starts flirting with Conall. He never did that before.

Conall: You do know, that I changed your diapers, right?

Eric: Well, I´ve grown up a bit. Wanna check?


Conall: Uh, no thanks?

Eric: He´s so hot, pregnant and all.

… Let´s not talk about your kinks, ok?


Conall seems really happy about the nooboo.

Talking to dad.

Daphne likes to read in bed. I don´t know, if that book is age appropriate.

Conall´s back hurt, so he´s getting a massage by Julius. No romantic one, though, even if Julius would probably be open to the idea. I found him also flirting with Conall. Don´t know, what´s up with these guys.

Conall´s really muscular, so his baby belly looks funny.


I love this gang.

And it´s show time!

Conall: You will be taking pictures of my misery, right?


Conall: Aah, it burns!

Don´t be overly dramatic.

Conall: At least I can write a book about it.

He is an author – his lifetime wish wasn´t tied to a job, so he took up writing. I always forget about it.

Conall: … huh.

What now?

Conall: I think…


Conall: Yeah, it´s gone. False alarm.

I kinda doubt that.

Conall: Augh, you´re right!

Conall: This is seriously very unpleasant.

Sorry, honey. It will be over soon.

Conall: Oh, yes, just let me grab inside and…

Conall: Tadaaa!

Well done!

Little Carol rolls athletic and easily impressed. She´s a werewolf.

We´ll age her up right away, because I want to see how she looks.

So cute!

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