173 Some more babies

The fixer-upper car is very popular.

I kinda forgot about Eric´s birthday.


Middle age made him loose his hair.

Eric: Um… would you be so kind?

Here you go.

Eric: Thanks!

I´m not sure about this bathing table. Bryony looks kind of posessed.

This is better.

Let´s have some birthdays!

Dany is an elder now.

First Bryony.

She´s cute!

Olaf´s son Silvio is a teenager already.

And now Thanatos.

He got his mum´s (and grandpa´s) hair and the ears. So cute.

Everyone tends to the toddlers.

Bryony inherited her eyes from her grandpa Moritz. It looks quite striking.

Learning stuff.

Celia performs for tips. The audience consists of one. Perhaps it´s the rain.

Doesn´t really matter anyway, because she´s just here to complete her lifetime wish.

I downloaded a mod from modthesims that gives toddler more things to do, like playing in puddles. Can someone take the kid inside?

Too many sims in the household results in glitching toddlers.

It looks cute, though.

Kind of.

Ah, it´s mostly ok.

Let´s add another one!


I don´t know, how Henry ended up at the graveyeard at night, but it´s hard for him.

Hi, guys!

And hello, little witch!

We have a costume party for some reason.

Luke really seems to like Celia´s outfit.

I moved him and Franklin out. Celia and Andromeda will follow when the kids age up.

Sunlit Tide in the rain.


Conall has a slim phase. He´s kind of like the moon.

Conall: I´m very atuned to the moon.

Yeah, well.

So, I have no pictures of Erica giving birth, because I was kind of in shock.

This is Daphne. She´s a loner and a genie.

Thanatos seems to be happy about the new company.


Yeah, and here we have Laurel.

I think, it was my fault. I let Erica have a romantic massage at the massage table, while she was pregnant. I didn´t know, it gives a fertiliy moodlet, increasing the chances of twins and triplets.

This one is observant and a heavy sleeper.

Laurel is a doll, though. All toddlers are cute, but she´s really cute.

Well, we´ve got some stuff to do.

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