172 Some babies

Someone got invited to a party at Dany´s and Marco´s house. Henry takes the opportunity to throw potions at people.

Henry: He will kill me and I´ll never have children.

Olaf: I would kill you, man, but I´m too tired right now.

He sleeps standing up for a while.

Later he falls down. It was pretty hilarious.

Franklin and Andromeda plan the next generation.

Those two won´t be having children for a while, but they can start practicing.



Erica has her adult birthday.



Andromeda gets her notice.

So does Celia.

Time to be cute pregnant women.




Henry´s last potion.

And he took a potion himself earlier, so the points get doubled. Neat.

Some Sims are beyond help. I left her like that.

It´s time already.

They go to the hospital.

And come back with a little girl. Bryony is absent-minded and brave.

Celia has still a little time.

But she practices a bit by taking care of Bryony. Andromeda thinks, that is awesome. Julius does not.

And she goes to the hospital as well.

Little Thanatos is a heavy sleeper and clumsy.

Conall reaches the end of his lifetime. This won´t do.

I intended this to be the last potion for Henry, but for some reason the fountain of youth causes him to reset, and I didn´t want to mess up the fullfilment of his lifetime wish. So…

Conall is now younger than his son, which is a bit awkward.

Conall: I didn´t consent to this.

Well, too bad.

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