171 Djinn

Conall continues to explore the town. He meets Gabby and Catherine. Also a face one paparazzi. She´s a fairy now and much better looking.

I don´t know if vampires should be standing in the sun like that.

Gabby: You´re right about that.

There are Milli and Guadelupe.

And Isolde. She´s pretty good at roller skating.

For some reason the fairy showed up uninvited at the house later.

Perhaps she knew it was Henry´s birthday, even though there was no party.

He opted for shorter hair. I think, it suits him.

There is some private celebrating later.

I kind of neglected Henry´s lifetime wish a bit. He already mastered alchemy, but he has to hit 50 sims with a potion. This is a vial of bliss or something.

This however is a flask of bees.

Henry: I just threw a flask of bees at the emperor of evil.

Henry: He will KILL me!

Nah, don´t worry.

Franklin is unimpressed.

The pool area is awesome by the way.

Henry meets Rowan. He finally is an elder.

At first I just gave him new clothes, but I really do not want him to die.

So Henry throws some fountain of youth at him.

He got reset for some reason.

Henry: What just happened?

No clue. Perhaps the game choking.

But the potion is working!

Much better!

Luke and Celia broke the shower with wohoo. Their reactions were pretty funny.

Celia´s new costume.

Andromeda reached her lifetime wish. She´s a superstar athlete. I hate that suit.

When Eric was a child, he found this dusty old lamp on a school trip. There was never an opportunity to have a djinn, but there´s room in the house now, so…

I hope it´s a woman, because Eric seems to be really straight.

Eric: Whoa, hi there handsome!

What did I just say? (I swear, he only ever flirted with women. The moment the djinn poofed out of the lamp, Eric became totally gaga about him. Well, it all works out in the end.)

He does look awesome.

We don´t really have need for one of the djinn wishes, so we´ll just free him.


Freezing the lamp, heating the lamp…

Going into the mausoleum with it…

Yay, djinn!

Took him into CAS to improve his face-one and tone down the blue a bit, so he doesn´t look as much as a smurf.

His name is Julius Bürgers, he´s adventurous, neat, hopeless romantic, has the photographer´s eye and the green thumb. I like him.

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