170 Sunlit Tides

Franklin kind of always looks smaller than Andromeda.

They are cute together.


A lot of ghosts out today. Shaoran and Stoutland (I still feel kinda guilty about him).

Beverly and Paul.

But I have to pack them all up, because…

… we are moving to Sunlit Tides! Hidden Springs  was getting a bit laggy and glitchy, so it was time for a new world.

It´s a tropical dream!

Conal does a bit of sight-seeing. Everyone seems to be very relaxed.


We invite a few people over. Dany is chatting with Graciela Grünberg, the wife of Olaf Sato-Orange.

They have a son together, Silvio, who inherited his grandfather Rowan´s hair.

Olaf tends to marry older human women, so this is his first kid.

Still the emperor of evil. He dresses himself, btw.

Conal and Dany dancing together.

Dany´s husband Marco seems to aprove.

Adriana Busch-Espinoza is grumpy. Perhaps she didn´t want to be dragged along.

Adriana: No. I´m always grumpy.

True dat.

Very pretty when she smiles, though.

Ah, it´s like a holiday.



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