141 Lifetime wishes and birthdays

Sebastian reaches his lifetime wish.

And these are the points for mastering the painting skill.

Ingrid has to work a bit longer on her LTW.

Who´s in there?

Ingrid: One moment. There´s some resistance.


Oh, good, everything is ok.

Storm: You nearly killed me!

Ingrid: Shhh, smile for the audience!

Conall visits the Shue house after school. These are Star and Carlotta.

They are both cute, but Conall is gay. And he doesn´t like Gary. Pity.

His clothes in werewolf form are so hilarious, that I let him keep them.

Conall: Rawr! I´m a dangerous rebellious teenager! Doing the dishes!

You´re cute as a button.

Conall: Am not!

Scott, isn´t he cute?

Scott: Totally!

Conall: DAD!

He gives up and changes back, trying to charm the snake.

Conall: Hehe, it didn´t work.

So cute.

I may or may not have some plans for those two. Is that creepy? … Na, it´s Sims.

Hi Liam!

It´s Spooky Day! And Prom, for some reason.

Ingrid and Kosta spend the whole evening canoodling.


Aand Conall ends up with Dany Shue as a romantic interest. That´s a pity, because he´s nice.

This girl took the „Under the sea“ theme a bit too literaly.

Luna ages up to teen.

She rolls dramatic.

Luna: Too tired to be dramatic.

The niece is older than the uncle. She will live longer though, because she´s a djinn.

And anyway, it´s Jan´s birthday, too.


He rolls commitment issues.

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