79 There was a prom somewhere


Don´t know what happened to Cathy. I guess it was the chemistry table.


Being the baby in the house, Beverly get´s a lot of love from everyone.


There was a prom. I didn´t expext Randolph to wear his formal, but what happened to yours, Cathy?

Catherine: … the limo was late. So we went here by bike.


Catherine: Actually, I don´t want to talk about it.


I think there went something wrong because Randolph asked Connie to go with him to prom. She arrived at the house, but there was no limo, so I sent them on their own, and they didn´t change their clothes. Connie stayed at the house, but had a fabulous time at the prom with Randolph nontheless.

Catherine: I didn´t! I fell flat on my face! Perhaps if I also stayed at home, I would have become prom queen!

Sorry, dear.


Macella starts to work on her LTW. There´s an accident.

Macella: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I´m on fire!

I waited to see, if she would run to the shower herself. She didn´t.


So I made her. Stupid sims.


Randolph: That´s a magnificent picture.

Uhm… you don´t notice anything weird?

Macella: *sizzle*

Randolph: No, why?

No reason. Stupid question, really.

Macella repeatable sets herself on fire. At this rate, she´ll never reach her LTW.


Shaoran draws Miles.

Shaoran: Your hair looks a bit like a brush…

Miles: Huh?


Shaoran: Now both arms in the air please…


Shaoran: OK, perhaps I should have used the easel…

Miles: Are you kidding me??

Shaoran: Perhaps…


Miles: Are we finished yet??

Shaoran: A good picture takes time, I mean, think of the Mona Lisa…


Shaoran: Well?


Miles: … This looks nothing like me, but I like it!


This kind of turns into a berry-legacy, but that´s OK.


Someone suggested Shaoran should have a bachelor party. The groom is thrilled.


And I don´t really know what happend to Jaron.


I kind of treated this like every other party and just invited a bunch of people.


Including this lovebirds.

Macella: They are blocking the bed! I want to wohoo with my fiancé!

Amber: Dear, you look ridiculous!


Jaron: This better?

Amber: Much better, handsome!

Macella: Want to find another bed?

Shaoran: Uhhh… this is so embarassing!


The other guests meet at the bar.

Randolph: Hehehe, juice!

Gabby: Urgh, Fiona!


Fiona: …her outfit kind of resembles mine…

Gabby: Uhh…


Gabby: Who are all these people?

Just some random guests and family, chatting with the strippers dancers, or themselves, ominous puddles and clothing on the floor, underage drinking, and… Oh, f***, can somone put the toddler to bed??

Fiona: So, how do you stay so slim? Lots of vegetables?


Carly tries mixing.

Jaron: Let me!


Carly: I´ve got this!

Jaron: No, you don´t! What are you doing??


Carly: Phew, he´s gone! Better look this one up on the cooking chanel!

Uhm, I don´t think you can learn mixology that way.

Carly: You can´t??

I like her.

Nothing really interesting happened after this, and/or I took no more photos. One or the other.

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