163 Into the dystopian future

Oh, it´s Randolph and Liam! Hi!

Last week Jan died. Conall is sad.

He will stay at home…

…while the young ones travel to the dystopian future.

Don´t know, why they have to do it in their sleepwear.

Okay, they changed.

It´s kinda gritty.







Emit welcomes them.

Andromeda gets an opportunity to stop the meteors for a while. She has to play in some junk piles.

Seems like fun.

Fire is shooting randomly out of the ground.

Um, Henry, I don´t know, if this is save.

Henry: Right.

Oh, now it´s hot water. You can bath in those.

Henry: No, thanks.

Andromeda has to eat some bugs.


Andromeda: That´s pretty tasty.

OK then.

The next one bit her.

And there´s a meteor impact.

Celia nearly got squashed. As it is, she calmly extinguishes the fire with her magic.

That´s a big one.

It´s getting dark.



Another meteor. My game doesn´t really likes that, it´s pretty shaky.

And good night.

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