164 More dystopian future

The next days in the future consisted mostly of running around, watching the scenery and collecting things.


Andromeda visits the Plumbot shop and has some nice converstions.

Henry and Erica do some sight-seeing together. Someone hits on Erica, but she totally shoots him down.

She prefers her Henry.

The sunset is stunning.



The food seems to be a bit weird, but edible.

Some landscape pictures.






I think, Luke got one of those.

They had enough skills, so the music was actually great.

The meteors came back and one headed for Franklin, who was fishing. Then the game crashed.

Andromeda visits the park and discovers a statue of Storm!

It´s because she made a sentinen Plumbot, ELIZA. Pretty neat.

Franklin fishes on. No meteor this time.


Some more random pictures.



Henry worked out and is suddenly slim.

It´s a weird look for him.




There´s a performer in the middle of nowhere.

I don´t think, she got a lot of tips.



There are some really intersting sims in this future.

And even a unicorn!

But everyone was whiney and wanted home. So we went.

Again in the sleepwear. Must be regulation.

You can change on the trip. Back home again! Most of them are time-travel sick.

That was interesting. I like the dystopian future a lot more, than the utopian one. Perhaps not so much the meteors.

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