165 This library needs a photo booth

Everyone in the family is paired up at the moment. Conall seems a bit lonely.

Conall: Ah, I´m good, thank you.

We´re going to the spring festival.

Conall: Ok, then.

The man at the kissing booth leaves as soon as Conall is aproaching. His loss.

Instead he does a bit egg hunting.

He still has a wish to be kissed at the kissing booth. It´s vacant at the moment, so he mans it himself.

No one seems to want to kiss this pretty face.

Conall: I was fine before this, really. Thanks for making me depressed.

Shortly before we leave the festival, the kissing booth man comes back and remembers his work ethics.

Conall takes a bath when he comes home and has an encounter with Benito.

Conall: Lovely day, really. He was totally peeking!

He probably was, I remember him flirting with Liam.

Celia suddenly wants to perform only in her graduation robes.

They are not very revealing, which probably explains the enthusiasm of the audience.

Conall meets Dany at the library. Dany is much younger than he should be – I aged him down a few times, with the vage plan to hook them up later. But he went and got himself married!

Conall: Perhaps he´s open to an affair.

I like his nose. He should have kids.

Henry wandered in and started reading, while those two were staring at each other.

OK, just a little flirt.

And a bit of heat of the moment kissing. If he doesn´t like it, we back off.

Well, no backing off, then.

Oh, look, a photo booth suddenly appeared in the library. I wonder, how that happened?

Conall: Should we… take some photos?

Dany: Seems like a splendid idea!


Henry: OK, that´s too much! I´m leaving!

No one forced you to sit at that desk.

Henry: But I like the colours!

Conall: So, let´s see the photos…

Conall: *gasp*

Not good then?

Conall: Totally got our bad side! No one shall see!

Conall: That was fun!

I´m happy, when you are happy.


Dany seems also quite cheerful.

And all this time, Olaf, emperor of evil, was sleeping peacefully upstairs.

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