166 Some birthdays and a proposal

Dancing fairies. Must be a party.

Conall is becoming an elder.

I do not like this.

Dany seems unperturbed.


The next evening Conall is invited to a party at Miles´and Gabby´s house.

Everyone is in the bathroom for some reason.

Erica seems to like pancakes.

Erica: I´m hungry.

Later Conall does a portrait of her.

Uhm. Well.

Do you like it Erica?

Erica: I love it!

Okay then.

Some random elder lady. I like her style.

Marina going somewhere.

Celia decides to wear her costume again. I understand, why she wanted to wear her robes instead.

Gabby and Miles are still into each other.


Back at home, Celia has her adult birthday. The game is pretty laggy at the moment, so she doesn´t get a party.

Still looking hot.

And it´s Andromeda´s birthday as well.

Also still hot.

Henry falls out of the bed. Well, actually, he woke up because of a ghost and then fainted.

And up again.

In the morning he asks Erica to marry him.

She accepts!


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