121 Time machine

Sebastian builds a time machine.

He takes a trip to the future.

There will be one to the past, but it´s too risky at the moment.

You never know, what could come out of the time machine, if you travel to the past.

Scott being cute.

Storm being destructive.

Mortimer gets abducted.

No alien baby, but he comes back horribly distorted.

(Ok, no, this is a dip kiss animation gone wrong. Liam kinda wandered absendmindly off in the middle).

Mortimer: Honey, can you help me out? I think, I´m stuck.

Liam: Mhmhmh?

He´s alright now.

Stoutland got a bit stir crazy and I let him visit the graveyard.

The tea table is still very popular.


WHAT is this supposed to be???

Scott & Crystal: Mh? Oh, nothing going on here, really. Just some autonomous romantic stargazing. Nothing serious.

Crystal: You think, we got her?

Scott: We totally got her.


Some fun at the fall festival.

Lots of pets. Only two are mine.

I bought Scott the grand piano.

Some pumpkin carving.

In the morning, Mortimer shows his grumpy side. Stoutland is outraged.

It´s Mortimer´s birthday!

Mortimer: What do you think?

Still not bad.

Storm considers Stephan. He´s married, but he really has nice genetics.

Benito has only eyes for you, Crystal, so will you stop flirting with every man in this house?

Crystal: …


Liam and Mortimer celebrate in privat after the guests are gone.

Crystal ages up to adult.

She doesn´t look any different and I forgot to take a picture.

There´s a burglar after the party.

The police officer sucks, so Liam has to take things in his own hands.

Liam: … and stay down!

Burglar: So brave, hitting a woman, old man!

Liam: Well, don´t try to steal our things!

Police officer: …

Mortimer thinks, fighting is sexy.

Another beautiful ice sculpture that will melt. Is this a metaphor, or something?

I don´t even know what´s going on here.

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