122 Love charm

With Mortimer always braking space rocks on free will, we have tons of gems just laying aroung. So I thought, I´ll test this thing.


And now we have a skull. Nice.

I kind of don´t really like it.

I reset the whole town with mastercontroler, and afterwards no one knows their own bed anymore. Storm crawls into bed with her mom, which I find kinda cute.

We have a costume party for some reason.

The mermaid costume is really popular.

Storm is eating brains. Ew.

Sebastian makes an ice sink. His ice statues still melt, so I let Liam magic it unbreakable, just to see, what would happen.

Sadly, it still melts.

Randolph appreciates the grand piano.

I still miss him.

Liam retires.


I really don´t know, why everyone suddenly is disgusted with himself.

Sebastian had an errand at the city hall, and I kinda left him there. He managed to cast a love charm on himself, so I send Storm, because I don´t want him to hook up with some random stranger.

They can have their romance, they just can´t have kids together.


They spend the whole evening flirting and smooching.


Liam has a lot of free time, now that he´s retired.

Arielle goes for a swim.

Benito is already an elder. Crystal, being a djinn, will certainly outlive him. I moved her out sometime, they are now living together.

Storm still likes Stephan. We need a baby daddy for her, but I don´t really want a fairy.

It´s Stoutlands birthday, btw.


The party goes well.

Even if Marina has a minor freak out.

Isolde: What´s her problem?

Isolde is still an adult. I have aged her down several times, because I don´t want Catherine to lose her.

I wanted to do the same for Benito, but I lost track of time.

Isolde: Aah, such a nicely decorated house!

Isolde: But what kind of party is this, anyway?

Relax, they just got married.

Storm has to go to work and chases some police officer. Well, she got arrested. Sure doesn´t look like it.

And Randolph thinks, it´s time for a wedding. We´ll see, okay, buddy?

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