124 Time traveler

Arielle is feeling better and not fainting right and left anymore.

This generation is really too lovey-dovey. Keep it down, boys.

I suddenly wanted to travel to the future, so Sebastian activates the time portal.

There´s the time traveler, Emit Relevart.

Emit: I forgot to apply my eyeshadow.

You are wearing giant sunglasses. Nobody will see.

Emit: But I feel so naked.

Sebastian gets the opportunity for the utopian future.

First he has to collect laughter.

Then he has to throw different coloured dew at people, starting with himself.

Sebastian: I feel… yellow.

Um. Good for you?

This is fun!

After running out of family members, Sebastian assaults the visitors of the gym.

Marina thinks, being pink is hilarious.

We now can travel to the utopian future at any time. But we will wait for a bit.

Sebastian makes this … art.

I like it, so it can stand in the garden.

He promptly does another one.

Being a loner, Ingrid is a pretty self-sufficient little girl.

She likes playing with the cats.



Every morning she travels from the family house (upper left corner) to the school (bottom right corner). Yes, she takes the bus.

In the afternoon she takes the bus home. Although, today she prefers to stay for a bit and play with this toy her dad invented for her.

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