125 Dancing the smustle

Liam wants to visit the summer festival and dances the smustle the whole time he´s there.

Benito still charms his wife.

The smustle seems to be very popular. I love this!

Arielle visits the local werewolf den and passes out because of dehydration. Luckily the hostess (who is a friend of the family for ages but whose name I didn´t write down) is handy with a bucket.

After her shower she forgets to dress.

Scott reaches his lifetime wish. He is now a hit movie composer!

He still plays every instrument he can get his fingers on.

Sebastian wants to do an ice sculpture of someone. I let Liam model.

This has to be the cutest pose ever.


Sadly Arielle dies in the middle of sculpting.


She takes it, like everything in her life, with a calm grace.


Grim stays for a bit. What does he want from Sybil??

Ah. Feed her treats.



He then ponders about children…

… and fashion?

Ingrid cheers the cats up.


Sebastian finishes the sculpture after all.

Poor Stoutland is heartbroken.

Goodbye, Arielle. I had a lot of fun with you!

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