126 Walking the dog

Last time Arielle died, and everyone is sad.


She comes back for a visit and makes Stoutland less sad.


Scott is obsessed with his violin.

This is supposed to be a portrait of one of the cats. Turned out a bit dark.

Sebastian is a good dad.


Ingrid never rides the rocking horse, she only pats it, which is totally cute.

She suddenly rolls a lot of wishes for one of her classmates, Kosta Treble. When he comes over to visit, he is already a teenager, a face one babysitter. So I gave him a make-over and a home in town.

They are best friends now. We´ll see.

It´s Sebastian´s adult birthday.

Here´s the werewolf lady again, I still can´t remember her name. Turns out, she´s married to Rowan Orange at the moment, and two days from elder. With a litte mastercontroler magic, she´s also pregnant now.


Sebastian has a midlife crisis. Of course.

The aliens like Stoutland.

Mortimer has a row with the rooster.

Then he plays with the chicks.



Sebastian gets struck by lighning, while painting outside. Dangerous thing, art.

And it´s Scott´s birthday.


Scott: But…


Project more offspring for Rowan seems to be a success.

Another sim I don´t really know, but her last name is Ziggfield-Wu. I saved her to the library, because she looks really good. I didn´t even give her a make-over.

This lady is walking her dog.

I followed her halfway across town. It was fun!

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