127 Philosopher´s stone

Stoutland is getting pretty old. He´s way past the 128 days I have set the lifebar to.

I kind of need to get some space in the house.

Sooo, there´s this lifetime reward, the philosopher´s stone.

You can turn random objects to gold. However..

… there´s a chance, you turn your sim to gold.

I`m a bad person.

Really glittery ghost, though.

Stoutland seems to be okay with it.


Xena moves in, making Scott really happy.

Her table manners as a werewolf are pretty disgusting.

Xena: Mine! *growl*

Sybil: As if I would want cake. Stupid dog.

For some reason everyone is terrified by Xena, they pee themselves and pass out.

It was really annoying, but obviously a glitch, because it was gone the next play session.

Xena´s lifetime wish is Jack of all traits, so she has to reach level five in four professions. I may have to change that. At the moment, she´s a level one magician and already an adult.


Some random sim dies while she is performing.

The glitch is still there, so the audience reacts in the usual way. Isolde, who is brave, can´t really understand that.

Xena: I´m hideous.

You are a beautiful sim and werewolves are cute.

Benito died, which puzzled me, because he should have had more time.

Sebastian paints a picture I never saw before.

Scott torments massages his dad.

Scott: Uhm… you okay?

Scott: Dad?

Liam: I feel like a new person!

Scott: Phew!

This beautiful stray wanders in, but poofs after a few minutes. Perhaps we should have a dog sometime.

Goodbye, Stoutland. I really shouldn´t be saying that about a sim I downloaded elsewere, but you were a teeny tiny bit boring. But Arielle really loved you, and that is what counts, right?

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